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We are pleased to work with contractors, interior designers, and architects to produce a custom interior space that is designed and made in Italy specifically for your client’s needs. Implementing its technological know-how, as well as aesthetic and functional advantages of its furniture production, La Dolce Vita is able to create an exceptional versatility for its projects, from small or medium supply, to big residences, with a personalized solution for any single unit. At contract division, La Dolce Vita is able to adopt the new designs and finishes that are not yet present in the current production, based on the individual project. La Dolce Vita contract becomes a full service operation for the client, where it’s present at the each step of the project, including production, logistics, and management. The company culture of La Dolce Vita contract includes in depth and up-to-date knowledge of all the international regulations and standards regarding supply and safety, to help the customer. BESPOKE The idea of “bespoke” (custom) of the current product takes into consideration the dimensional adaptation on measure, the research and the introduction of finishing that are not present in the current production, till the complete realization on a special design, dealing with the designers of the buyer.